Private Label

CHEMIA specializes in providing a toll and contract manufacturing and private label service. CHEMIA, thanks to its equipments, know-how and 60 years more experience, is able to produce any type of formulation regarding plant protection products except for hydro-dispersible granules.

Therefore, CHEMIA is able to assist the customer in all phases of the production of a product, from project design and R&D, up to formulation and final packaging.

This service is very convenient for customers: in fact, it allows you to limit the economic and time costs required by relying on an expert and reliable partner. The customization of this service ensures that the customer has everything he needs to produce its products, without having to make the investments to produce it on his own.

CHEMIA makes this service available to all Italian and foreign customers, as regards plant protection products and fertilizers.

CHEMIA also provides the private label service for the plant protection products for which it holds the registration and for the special fertilizers produced by the company.

This service is particularly important for companies that want to use their image to market a product already on the market very quickly and effectively.

Do you want to create your own product line?

CHEMIA is able to assist you in all stages of production of your private label products.

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