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Recent European Community and National agri-environmental policies encourage the use of agronomic practices that have less to zero impact on the environment. Recently limitations have been imposed on the usages of plant protection products.

New means of Integrated and Biological Pest Management have been introduced to protect plants, human health and the quantity/quality of yield. The new plant protection products placed on the market are all pursuing these goals.

In 2018 CHEMIA obtained an important European patent on the formulation and use of organic products based on chestnut tannin extracts (Patent n. EP3318125A1 dated 09/05/2018).

The R&D department of CHEMIA is developing products in nanometric form with high efficacy and efficiency, with low dosage. He has also filed a patent application on the production and use of hybrid formulations based on tannins and microelements in nanometric form.

It is known how much the formulation is important for the product efficacy. This is true for all agrochemicals, from herbicides to fertilizers. The formulations are produced in the CHEMIA plants and are the expression of the research and the acquired know-how.

CHEMIA puts its efforts in safe formulations for handling and use. CHEMIA collaborates with universities and private entities in the research for more effective and highly innovative formulations.

For organic farming, CHEMIA has developed a series of products for the plant protection and plant nutrition. CHEMIA has also recently developed biocides for the protection of public health in domestic and civil environments.

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