Organic fertilizer and soil improver

LINFAFERT-FE is an organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen and iron that is sold as a liquid suspension. This product complies with the European regulations concerning organic farming and agriculture. 

LINFAFERT-FE is a liquid fertilizer made of iron and aminoacids suitable for use on plants. This product has been specifically created to be used in the prevention and treatment of iron chlorosis. The iron compounds of this product have a nourishing effect and contribute to the production of chlorophyll, whereas the aminoacids have a bio-stimulating function. The aminoacids contained in this fertilizer play a crucial role in the iron chelation process, as they facilitate the absorption and distribution of this substance to the inner parts of the plant. This is particularly important when it comes to iron, as the stability of this material usually reduces the effectiveness of fertilizers. However, the presence of aminoacids in LINFAFERT-FE helps iron enter the vascular system of plants, reaching the inner parts quickly and creating lasting deposits that enhance the fertilizer's greening-up functions.
LINFAFERT-FE must be applied as soon as the first yellowing leaves appear. This will limit to a minimum possible root-growth stoppages, as young leaves absorb the product quickly. In order to extend the greening-up effect to newly formed leaves, it is recommended to repeat the application of LINFAFERT-FE 8-10 days after the initial treatment.

Since LINFAFERT-FE is an organic fertilizer and soil improver, livestock and farm animals must not have access to surfaces where this product has been applied for a minimum of 21 days following application. The pH profile of this product guarantees the stability values of the chelated fraction: 4-9. LINFAFERT-FE is sold in 1-kilo bottles and in 6-kilo containers.

 PREPARATION: Dissolve the correct dosage in 20-30 litres of water. LINFAFERT-FE can be blended with other similar products, except for those that are oil-based, those that can produce alcaline reactions, or those with a high copper content. The standard practice is to use this product on its own.

 WARNING:  It is recommended to use this product during the cooler time of the day, applying it uniformly. Copper-based products must not be used within 10 days of applying a LINFAFERT-FE treatment. To maintain adequate stability, this product must be kept at temperatures that range between 4° C and 25° C. This is a non-combustible product. Containers must be appropriately disposed of. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

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