BIOLINFA PLUS A® is an organic foliar nutrient solution that stimulates the biochemical processes of plants. This product has been specially designed to boost the growth and development of agricultural crops, since it consists of a balanced mix of bio-stimulants, aminoacids, nitrogen, and microelements. The ingredients contained in this product facilitate the biological processes of plants and stimulate the use of their organic reserves.

In addition to this, the ATCA compound provides nutrition thanks to its high content of free and combined aminoacids, ammoniacal and ureic nitrogen, and microelements.

The presence of several elements that contribute to fertility in a single product means that these elements affect positively the development and productivity of plants. At cellular level, BIOLINFA PLUS A® stimulates and activates the metabolic functions of plants during the most critical stages of the growing season, or whenever the plant is subject to physiological or pathological stress, such as cold temperatures, frost, hail, drought, or damage caused by the excessive use of pesticides. At the same time, this product is an important source of nutrients that promote the development of the whole plant, therefore increasing production. Last but not least, this product prevents and treats plant stress caused by micro-functional deficiencies.

Overall, BIOLINFA PLUS A® has an important fluidizing effect on xylem and phloem cells. The use of this product is particularly suited in those plants which, for various reasons, do not have a fully functioning vascular system (for example, pear trees that show evidence of foliar redness).

In combination with other products, BIOLINFA PLUS A’s components are quickly absorbed and distributed, accelerating and enhancing the product’s nutritional, curative, and preventative effects. The quality of the harvest is also positively affected, and so are fruit coloring, shelf life, and the fruit’s vitamin content. In order to maximize the effects of this product, it is recommended to apply 3-5 treatments during the vegetative cycle of plants.

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