Nutriland: new products of resistence inducers 12/04/2012

Nutriland is Chemia line of fertilizers

Nutriland is Chemia line of fertilizers developed by the constant search of innovative and advanced solutions for an  efficient and eco-friendly agriculture. These products work to improve and stimulate the development  of  the natural defenses of plants.  Nutriland includes formulations for microbial growth, ions phosphites, algae, and fortifying crops.

RizofertRizobacter and Rizoactiv are a new products generation  based on specific biological promoters, oligopeptides and natural factors of microbial growth.Nutriland Chemia Fitostar is an outstanding product based on potassium phosphite ions, ammonium phosphite, copper, fulvic acids and gluconic acid, perfect to stimulate the self-defence of plants to combat Downy mildew and  several types of oomycete microbes parasites of plants.  Fito PK, Fito PK Cu and Fito PK Mg are liquid products formulated with phosphites potassium, copper and magnesium. Fito PK Crystal is  a formulated   product in entirely soluble crystals with high content of potassium phosphite, Algas  and Algastim are specialties  formulated with totally soluble seaweed extract: Laminaria and Ascophyllum Nodosum.     

Wetstop®, the new Nutriland Bio-Activator

NewWetstop® is a unique product. It is the result of collaboration between Nutriland and an industry leader of nutrition plant sector. The product, formulated as wettableWet Stop Chemia powder in particles size between 2 and 4 microns, offers benefits that are visible on crops since the first applications.

Properties of  Wetstop® :

  • Free-flowing white powder for making a suspension in water
  • Thermal  insulator and UV filter.
  • Selective  H2O and CO2 adsorbent.
  • Insoluble in water but easy to suspend in water.
  • Environmentally friendly synthesis product (constant quality).
  • Reduces transpiration: getting more efficient use of water.
  • Regulates free moisture thanks to its desiccating abilities (aerial dusting in greenhouses);
  • Prevents fungal action.
  • Reduces the damage caused by certain insects: Changes the surface colour and texture, making it harder for insects to identify the fruit and leaves.


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